Hard core travel planning

I am off work 2 weeks in March. Me and Carro will take the opportunity to travel. Since Carro is slighly more disabled than me, it will require a bit planning. I’m considering contacting a travel agency for helping us with the details.

I’m used to just hop on a bus and go in what direction I need to go, putting my wheelchair in the cargo hold.

From now on we will have to go to Stockholm Arlanda Airport from Västerås thru Stockholm with regional train and continuing with the Arlanda Express train service to the airport.

Here is the list of our requirements from now on:

– Wheelchair accessible transfer between the airport and the hotel (bus with lift/ramp).

– Wheelchair accessible transport to get around at destination.

– Wheelchair accessible hotel/room.

– Bed must be at least 60 cm in height.

– Hand rails at WC and in shower at the hotel room.

– Chair to sit on in shower.


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