Wheelchair accessible Super Shuttle Miami

The airport transfer shuttle service Super Shuttle (easily recognized by their blue vans) do have vans with wheelchair lift in Miami. The van carry 1 passenger in wheelchair and 10 seated passengers, and provide transport from and to Miami MIA Airport / Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood FLL. You can book wheelchair accessible vans online at their website www.supershuttle.com.

At the site you check the checkbox in the blue reservation box at the start page to book the wheelchair friendly van.


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Unreasonable SWISS

For this trip we used the travel agency Ticket at Sigmatorget in Västerås. Our travel agent Maria E booked our tickets to Miami with Swiss International. As Caroline can’t walk special arrangements will be made at the time of boarding and disembarkation – they need to take Carro to her seat by the special ailse chair. She is a so called WCHC – An passenger that will need assistance all the way to the aircraft seat. I am a so called WCHR – an pax that are able to handle stairs and make it to the seat by him/herself.

Maria called Swiss to get some help with reserving the seats free of charge – a service that Swiss provides to passengers ”with special needs” (disabled). Swiss reserved seat 25A and 25B on the Swiss long haul flight Zurich-Miami and 27J and K (aisle and window) on the return long haul flight. A 2-seat section, window/aisle, that is best for me and Caroline for long haul flights.

A couple of days later our travel agent e-mailed me and told me that Swiss had reseated us to 26E and D (Aisle and center seat in the middle 4-seat section).

I called Swiss Customer Service yesterday and asked if it’s possible to reseat us back to 25AB on the LX64 ZRH-MIA flight and got the answer No. ”Sir, there are 7 dedicated wheelchair seats on the airplanes and 25A and B is not one of them.” I asked if it was possible to seat us in the same seats (27JK) as on the return flight (that are still available according to checkmytrip.com) but it was impossible.

I guess that they had helped me with my requests if I was still a frequent flyer status card holder within the Star Alliance.

Unreasonable Swiss.





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Me and Caroline will check out SOBE

After some weeks of thinking, searching, surfing across the internet for wheelchair accessible destinations we have finally come to a decision. We will spend the our vacation, the first two weeks in March in Miami. We will stay north of South Beach at the wheelchair accessible Holiday Inn Miami Oceanfront.

Two weeks of sun, turquoise sea, palm trees, beaches and high humidity will be very nice!

Stay tune to follow us in our planning and during our trip.


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Hard core travel planning

I am off work 2 weeks in March. Me and Carro will take the opportunity to travel. Since Carro is slighly more disabled than me, it will require a bit planning. I’m considering contacting a travel agency for helping us with the details.

I’m used to just hop on a bus and go in what direction I need to go, putting my wheelchair in the cargo hold.

From now on we will have to go to Stockholm Arlanda Airport from Västerås thru Stockholm with regional train and continuing with the Arlanda Express train service to the airport.

Here is the list of our requirements from now on:

– Wheelchair accessible transfer between the airport and the hotel (bus with lift/ramp).

– Wheelchair accessible transport to get around at destination.

– Wheelchair accessible hotel/room.

– Bed must be at least 60 cm in height.

– Hand rails at WC and in shower at the hotel room.

– Chair to sit on in shower.


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The lovely reason for being absent

This is the lovely reason why I have been kind of absent the last 4 months. This is Caroline and she has become the new chapter in my life. We are now living together in the center of Västerås city and we will soon start to travel and discover the world together.

Caroline (a.k.a. Carro) has about the same disability as I do, but is unable to walk, which will require more planning and check-ups before and during our future travels. Exciting!

Sorry for being away the last months, but now I’m back again! Stronger. Happier. More eager to discover our great world!


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