Unreasonable SWISS

For this trip we used the travel agency Ticket at Sigmatorget in Västerås. Our travel agent Maria E booked our tickets to Miami with Swiss International. As Caroline can’t walk special arrangements will be made at the time of boarding and disembarkation – they need to take Carro to her seat by the special ailse chair. She is a so called WCHC – An passenger that will need assistance all the way to the aircraft seat. I am a so called WCHR – an pax that are able to handle stairs and make it to the seat by him/herself.

Maria called Swiss to get some help with reserving the seats free of charge – a service that Swiss provides to passengers ”with special needs” (disabled). Swiss reserved seat 25A and 25B on the Swiss long haul flight Zurich-Miami and 27J and K (aisle and window) on the return long haul flight. A 2-seat section, window/aisle, that is best for me and Caroline for long haul flights.

A couple of days later our travel agent e-mailed me and told me that Swiss had reseated us to 26E and D (Aisle and center seat in the middle 4-seat section).

I called Swiss Customer Service yesterday and asked if it’s possible to reseat us back to 25AB on the LX64 ZRH-MIA flight and got the answer No. ”Sir, there are 7 dedicated wheelchair seats on the airplanes and 25A and B is not one of them.” I asked if it was possible to seat us in the same seats (27JK) as on the return flight (that are still available according to checkmytrip.com) but it was impossible.

I guess that they had helped me with my requests if I was still a frequent flyer status card holder within the Star Alliance.

Unreasonable Swiss.





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