A visit to the ER

Caroline’s left foot got red/blue/miss-colored after the long haul flight from Zürich and we

suspected a blood clot although she was wearing support stockings during the flights.

We have contacted the Scandinavian emergency center SOS International located in Denmark witch are working 24 hours a day on behalf of insurance companies in Scandinavia. They did suggest that we should visit the Emergency Room at the Mount Sinai Medical Center at 4300 Alton Road, Miami Beach.

After an X-ray and Ultra Sound of the left foot the doctors at the ER could rule out a blood clot, however she got antibiotics to treat a possible infection in the foot and was told to keep her foot elevated as much as possible.

IMG_3996 IMG_3997 IMG_3998 IMG_4002

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The lovely reason for being absent

This is the lovely reason why I have been kind of absent the last 4 months. This is Caroline and she has become the new chapter in my life. We are now living together in the center of Västerås city and we will soon start to travel and discover the world together.

Caroline (a.k.a. Carro) has about the same disability as I do, but is unable to walk, which will require more planning and check-ups before and during our future travels. Exciting!

Sorry for being away the last months, but now I’m back again! Stronger. Happier. More eager to discover our great world!


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